Employee Incentives at JNR

Working with an incentive travel company you may imagine that JNR employees get the opportunity for luxurious jet setting to remote locations while receiving perks from fabulous hotels and travel vendors. We however, are the ones working behind the scenes planning, negotiating and operating those programs to ensure our clients experience the trip of a lifetime that will have lasting effects of sustained motivation amongst their employees. For those of us left in the office, JNR does give employees several other opportunities to feel incentivized, appreciated and connected to the company culture.

In today’s age of millennial workers, the need to feel appreciated and socially engaged is more important than ever. Work life balance is one of the most sought after perks of a job in today’s culture. Paid time off and a generous 401K plan is not enough to make an employee feel like a valued member of a team. There are several other ways to keep employees feeling appreciated, engaged in their work and loyal to their employers.

Here are three ways JNR incentivizes our employees:

  1. Pre-paid debit cards

At the end of each quarter, JNR employees who receive a “Caught in the Act” recognition from their peers or managers will receive a bonus of $25.00 each on their personalized prepaid debit card. A “Caught in the Act” recognizes an employee for several acts of service. From going above and beyond what is asked, staying late to get the job done or taking on a big project proactively. This is an excellent example of not only verbally praising employees for a job well done, but also giving them an extra monetary incentive to keep up the good work.

  1. In-office parties and celebrations

At JNR you can have your cake and eat it too! What better way to extended appreciation to our employees than with in-office celebrations and catered events. JNR plans monthly birthday celebrations as well as fun national holidays and everything in between. From the March birthday celebration that honored national Mario Cart Day, to our summer office Olympic events, office festivities give employees the opportunity to take a break from their desk and come socialize, play a game and enjoy sweet treats in camaraderie with their coworkers.

  1. Referral program

When current employees refer a friend or acquaintance to JNR for an open position they are rewarded monetarily if the candidate is a good fit. The employee who refers the candidate will receive $50.00 on their JNR reward card after 90 days, and $250.00 after they complete their first year with the company. This is a great way to encourage familiar referrals and maintains the integrity of the applicants.

These perks are just a few little ways that JNR makes employees feel like they are part of a collaborative team. Incentives like these guarantee higher retention rates which is most cost efficient for the company.  When employees feel valued it is directly reflected in company moral. At JNR it is easy to discover the difference in our employees, our work and our service. Contact us today if you are interested in pursuing an employee engagement program for your organization.


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3 Reasons Google and Other Fortune 500 Companies Have Great Workplace Cultures

It is no coincidence that many of the most profitable companies in the world also have the happiest, most engaged employees and the most positive workplace cultures. Google, Starbucks, Whole Foods Market and Aflac top the list of the eighteen best Fortune 500 companies to work for in part due to a dedication to making their workplaces great ones.

How did these large corporations create such an amazing workplace culture? What can we learn from them?

George Bradt, Contributor for Forbes, isolated three things that these eighteen companies all seem to do extremely well to make their employees loyal and happy.

They Clearly Demonstrate Their Appreciation for Employees

A quick display of appreciation can go a long way. It doesn’t even have to cost a penny or take more than two minutes of your time. The ways that you can show appreciation for your team are quite diverse.

There is the unconventional. Google gives out 100,000 hours worth of free massages to employees over a one-year period. Then there’s the free. The vice chair of NetApp calls 10-20 employees a day to tell them that they are doing a good job.

Other companies such as Qualcomm hold internal tech conferences to foster a sharing of knowledge and ideas. Administering safety bonuses, personalizing notes, booking special luncheons, recognizing and supporting diversity, offering low-cost insurance for part-time employees and setting up health and wellness centers are other interesting ways that companies say “we appreciate you!”

Takeaway: Showing appreciation for your employees can take a wide variety of forms and fit into any budget. Consistency is the key with appreciation programs.

They Give Employees Access to Leadership and Information

The tie between being a good place to work and consistent employee appreciation is quite logical, but this next theme might not be as obvious. Bradt finds that granting employees open access to senior leadership and company information is the second most common way that companies make their employees happy.

John Richels of Devon Energy said he gives his employees time with senior executives as often as possible. Whole Foods empowers employees in very unique ways. Employees have the option to vote on new hires, take field trips to visit suppliers and even view the salary of every employee in the company!

CarMax CEO Tom Folliard is known for mingling at town hall meetings and steak cookouts. CHWM Hill CEO Lee McIntire takes it to a new level. He posts his personal development plan on the company intranet!

Takeaway: Break down the barriers and allow communication to flow freely in your organization. Your executives should be accessible and open to suggestions from all levels. Transparency can also be important for companies that pride themselves on their integrity.

They Reward Employees for Their Achievements

Rewarding employees for their achievements is something that should always be a priority. At EOG, every employee is given stock. Not only is the stock a nice reward, but it is also a way to give an employee more reason to care about the success of the company. Their stock has risen 500% in the past decade, so it appears to be working.

Starbucks gives benefits and stock options to all employees who work at least twenty hours per week. The company culture emphasizes how it is possible for all employees to move up the ladder.

Other companies give their top performing employees travel incentives, merchandise and gift cards.

Takeaway: Employees who are rewarded and have a stake in the success of the company will typically perform at higher levels.

Is your company doing a particularly good job in any of these three areas? Feel free to share other ways your company has been successful in showing appreciation, granting access and rewarding your employees by commenting below. Also, please feel free to send me an email at khewkin@jnrcorp.com for more suggestions or to sign up for our newsletter.

By JNR Incorporated

Written by Kristopher Hewkin


JNR Incorporated is a results-based, globally recognized leader that specializes in creating custom travel, meeting, event, prepaid card and merchandise programs that motivate, engage and inspire the employees, customers and channel members of our clients. We have over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies of many diverse industries. Our programs are tailored to fit the specific needs of marketing, sales, management and human resource professionals. The unique solutions we apply are measurable and proven to increase performance, loyalty and revenues.

Photo: “google_logo” by keso s is licensed under CC By 2.0