There is no need to explain the fast paced world we live in. You begin each morning with a cup of coffee and quickly respond to dozens of emails before heading to the first of many meetings with colleagues you see every day around the office. However, did you ever wonder what story the person sitting next to you has to tell? Have you asked the person in the break room where they come from? Last week, we did just that.

In honor of Immigrant Heritage Month, JNR employees took time to celebrate the individual differences that make each one of us distinctly unique.  It was quickly realized that our company not only travels the world but has a global reach within headquarter walls. Sweden, Colombia, England, Mexico, Korea, Greece, Serbia, El Salvador and Lebanon were only a few of the 44 countries represented. We also discovered that between our employees there are 11 languages fluently spoken such as Greek, Mandarin, and Tagalog. While one employee was able to trace her family lineage back to the Mayflower others had tremendous stories of struggle and determination of immigrating to the United States in search of a better life.

We must never forget what America stands for and that we are, in fact, a nation of immigrants.  Each one of us brings some piece of their heritage and culture with them and we see that in the diverse approach to our work.  At JNR we value the diversity that each one of us comes with and brings with us every day.

Please enjoy our video in support of Immigrant Heritage Month #IHM2016 and the #IAmAnImmigrant campaigns.  We are immensely proud of our rich company culture and put these differences at the forefront of JNR’s success. Although none of us are the same, #WeAreOne.”

Written by Rosie Curiel

JNR Incorporated is a globally recognized leader specializing in creating custom programs that motivate, engage and reward the employees, customers and channel members of our Fortune 1000 clients. For over 35 years, JNR has designed and delivered a comprehensive suite of solutions including incentive travel, prepaid reward and gift cards, meetings and conferences, events and entertainment, technology solutions and marketing communications.  Our programs produce measurable results and are proven to increase performance, loyalty and revenues.

JNR Joins Global Meetings Industry Day

Today Meeting and Event Planners across the globe are recognized for the immense influence Meetings and Events have on our economy.  April 14, 2016 marks the first Global Meetings Industry Day #GMID16 and celebrations throughout the world are taking place to commemorate the importance of our industry.

Business Meetings are often taken for granted, however, study after study shows that it is these large scale dialogue settings that move us forward, spark innovations and solidify relationships, propelling business ahead.

Today, like many days, JNR finds itself teaming with DMC partners, transportation logistic groups, leading production companies, on-site staff, hotels, airline partners and so many others that seamlessly come together to create motivating, change- inspiring Meetings and Events.   With teams in Irvine and Napa, California, Mexico, New Orleans, Colorado and two VPs in Las Vegas for #GMID16 celebrations, we are doing our part to move our economy in a positive direction by facilitating an environment where advancement happens.   We cheers to our colleagues in the industry as we bring attention to this important day.

To learn more visit #GMID16,  #JNRMeansBusiness and #MMB16 and join in the conversation.

Winner’s Choice Travel Incentives: Romantic Getaway or Family Fun?

Imagine the thrill of qualifying for an all expenses paid vacation in one of the world’s most exclusive spots, in the best hotel, with the best food- all hosted by your employer! Incentive Travel Programs are a wonderful way to motivate your employees, sales teams or channel partners and to recognize their achievements by whisking them away and giving them the opportunity to celebrate.

At JNR we have been crafting one-of-a-kind travel destinations for clients for over 36 years. In that time we have learned what people prefer and what they do not.  In an effort to continuously produce programs that will consistently appeal to your audience, we offer our Winner’s Choice.  This unique offering allows winners to choose to spend their much-deserved time off in one of two ways, a romantic vacation for two or a family vacation in a child-friendly destination.  Although the teambuilding opportunities and camaraderie established in traditional group travel are invaluable, the vast majority of Incentive Travel Programs do not satisfy our innate desire to have the freedom to make a choice.

In a typical Incentive Program, all winners receive a voyage to the same destination with fellow award recipients. At JNR we tend to primarily encourage this type of program, however, we know it is not always optimal for all organizations. In today’s high productivity focused society it can be difficult for an organization to have a large percentage of their top producers out of the office for one or two weeks at once. Often these companies see the bottom line value to offering an Incentive Travel Program, but need an alternative model to make it work.  Winner’s Choice not only makes it easier on the employer, but also gives the participants the ability to exert some degree of decision-making power when it comes to their Incentive.  In our experience, we have found that participants eagerly welcome a change in their reward structure and especially appreciate having the opportunity to spend time with loved ones without chipping away at their annually accrued vacation time.

Romantic Getaway

People are busier than ever today and taking time out of their schedules to spend quality time with significant others can be difficult. This incentive getaway for two allows you to get closer to the one you love in a romantic setting away from the routine of everyday life.

Trips to exotic, romantic places like Tahiti or Bermuda to spend quality time with your partner are great ways to enjoy this option. The best part is that you can bask in the glow of achievement while also enjoying a private vacation without the obligation of business meetings or other forced interactions interfering.

From Wine Country to Island Escapes Travel + Leisure recently compiled their “Best Romantic Getaways” list which includes places like Bora Bora, Maui, Napa Valley, Costa Rica and Sedona. Although any of these destinations would be fabulous travel destinations for a group, an exclusive couples destination will be well received by your top achievers.  The Planning Team at JNR stays at the forefront of travel trends and will design a Winner’s Choice guaranteed to appeal to all couples within your organization.

Family Fun Adventure

On average, American families spend just over 30 minutes of quality time together during the week with the time constraints of modern life. Work, chores, school, clubs and sports occupy so much of our time that it is difficult to give ample attention to the people who should matter most in our lives, our families.

Incentives designed with family fun adventures in mind are a great motivator to your most valued assets. Give the opportunity to maximize family bonding time at a Dude Ranch or reward employees with a trip to Hawaii. A Disney Cruise might be perfect for families with young ones. Again, the beauty of the Winner’s Choice by JNR is that no additional vacation time is needed to enjoy priceless family time in a destination hosted by your employer.

Experiencing nature in Costa Rica, bringing social studies to life in Greece, learning survival skills in The Catskills, marveling at the Big Five in South Africa and living fairy tales in Disney World Orlando are among some of the top requested family bucket list excursions.

A New Take On Incentives

JNR has delivered travel programs like these for years. If a traditional Incentive Program does not work for you this year, try giving your employees the choice between a Romantic Getaway or Family Fun Adventure in two exceptional locations as a new spin on rewarding performance. Motivate your most valued sales team and thank them for their extraordinary efforts with the invaluable gift of quality time with loved ones. Sales incentive programs that inspire channel partners, resellers, distributors and other sales personnel with travel awards are an effective way to boost performance to new levels, ultimately delivering an impressive ROI back to your organization.

Lasting memories are made up of experiences with people you love in places you adore. Destination incentives are no exception to the human nature that reminds us that we are naturally programmed to prefer choices. Winner’s Choice travel programs are JNR’s unique way to empower your program participants with a choice to control their reward destiny- based on their lifestyle and preferences.  This is your hard-earned incentive reward; use it the way you want!


For more information on creating a travel program that utilizes a Winner’s Choice option or a more traditional group travel option, please contact us today. If you would like more information on how to succeed with your Incentive Travel Program, please read “Incentive Travel: The Five Keys to Success” here.

By JNR Incorporated


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JNR Incorporated is a globally recognized leader specializing in creating custom programs that motivate, engage and reward the employees, customers and channel members of our Fortune 1000 clients. For over 35 years, JNR has designed and delivered a comprehensive suite of solutions including incentive travel, prepaid reward and gift cards, meetings and conferences, events and entertainment, technology solutions and marketing communications.  Our programs produce measurable results and are proven to increase performance, loyalty and revenues.

2016 Travel Predictions

2016 is finally here! A new year full of potential and excitement, and a new set of resolutions. It is the time to set goals and achieve what you have always wanted! You want to get fit? Time to hit the gym. Want to learn a new language? Pick up a class at your local college. Have you always wanted to see the world? The best time to start planning is now.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or starting fresh, it is always important to plan out your trip early to maximize your enjoyment. To help you plan for that, here are some trends experts foresee for travel in 2016.


The Good:

  • Dramatically lower fares in 2016

Tim Winship of frequentflier.com predicts that because so many carriers have expanded their presence there are too many new flights to fit the demand.  This means an excess of seat inventory. Monitor a range of flight websites over a period of time to find the best deal and be on the lookout for airline price wars.  These are the best ways to ensure that you get the best rate.


  • Mandatory hotel resort fee surcharges added to your room rate for items like pool towels and wireless internet could die next year

Sally Greenburg of National Consumer League predicts that hotels may finally make changes or completely throw out charges for these extras to ease consumer frustrations. Hotels have seen how these small changes can increase customer satisfaction with free Wi-Fi being the testing grounds last year.


  • Increases in Mobile apps

Henrik Kjellberg of Hotwire sees your phone becoming more important for travel plans. Mobile apps will increase consumers’ abilities to plan a trip from anywhere and at any time. We suggest taking a look at WorldMate, Skyscanner and TripIt.


The Bad:

  • High hotel occupancy levels and room rates

Bjorn Hanson of NYU predicts that hotel occupancy levels will be at an all-time high which will result in higher pricing. Make sure to book early!


  • Changes to airline and hotel loyalty and membership programs

Dave O’Flanagan of Boxever predicts that airlines and hotels will make changes to their loyalty programs which could results in the value of your points dropping. Customers do not value these programs with the same level of appreciation as they once did.  Recent surveys found that less than 1/3 of consumers believe that loyalty club membership guarantees a better experience.  Further, if we see a significant airline fare decrease as predicted above, you can expect mergers and changes.  It is a good idea to use up those accumulating hotel and airline points before these programs devalue any further or go away completely.


With all the potential 2016 holds we hope you plan ahead and get out there and travel.

Happy adventures!


Written by Samir Ahmed and Stephanie Thomas


Trends compiled by Christopher Elloitt in USA Today on 12.21.15



JNR Incorporated is a results-based, globally recognized leader that specializes in creating custom incentive travel, meeting, event, prepaid card and merchandise programs that motivate, engage and inspire the employees, customers and channel members of our clients. We have over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in many diverse industries. Our programs are tailored to fit the specific needs of marketing, sales, management and human resource professionals. The unique solutions we apply are measurable and proven to increase performance, loyalty and revenues.

Photo: “Daydreaming of Traveling” by Chris Ford is licensed by CC by 2.0.