Achieve Record Sales Revenues Through Channel Incentive Programs

Channel incentive programs are extremely powerful tools that can enable your company to surpass sales revenue goals. Your dealer owners and channel salespeople represent your bridge to the consumer, and their motivation to push your product over similar competitor offerings can be the difference between making the sale and losing out on potential business.

The two strategies through which you can stimulate sales of your product by your channel members include push and pull strategies.

Push Strategies

Push strategies essentially “push” your dealers to attempt to sell your product over competitor offerings. Every program centers around offering a channel incentive, either to the salesperson or consumer, which compels them to buy your brand.

Implement push strategies such as:

Travel Incentive Programs – Reward those dealership owners and channel salespeople who meet quota or win a competition with exquisitely planned VIP trips. They’ll feel like royalty, appreciated for their efforts, and motivated to succeed in the future.

Merchandise Programs – Engage and incentivize with lower ticket items such as sporting goods, electronics, clothing, and other fun and useful items. Custom branded merchandise leaves a nice personalized feel that increases brand awareness and serves as a constant reminder of your company’s generosity.

Training Programs – It is crucial to invest in training and educating those who are on the front lines trying to push your product. It’s no secret that salespeople who feel confident with knowledge of your product are more likely to suggest and upsell add-ons and premium offerings of your brand.

Pull Strategies

Pull strategies focus on the end user and attempt to inspire them to seek out your product. Instead of incentivizing your channel members, you will incentivize your channel members’ customers.

Space Advertising – Advertise and market your product offerings through direct mail, exhibitions, and other marketing communications that create demand. Strategically and aesthetically pleasing campaigns that utilize the appropriate mediums are crucial for success in this arena.

Rebate Programs – Engage customers by offering limited-time cash rebates to consumers that purchase your product from your distribution channel members. The most cost-effective and timely way to distribute these consumer rebates is by issuing prepaid debit cards. These incentive and reward cards can be set up to be accepted wherever a major provider is accepted or redeemable at a sole retailer.

Web Page Advertising – Outline the value and benefits of products on websites to increase communication. Highlighting benefits, rather than features, and creating professional, functional designs requires marketing, graphics, and web design teams to be involved and instrumental in the process.

Motivating your distribution channel owners and salespeople is a delicate undertaking that requires the attention and experience of specialists in a variety of diverse industries. Outsourcing your program to a company with experts in travel planning, debit card distribution, marketing, web design, graphic design, and printing is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will you come out with a higher quality program, but it will be more cost effective and achieve greater return on investment.

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Stack Your Deck to Always Come up Aces

Life is full of risky decisions.  From the type of cereal you eat every morning to the next car you park in your garage, every choice involves risk.  While a bad cereal can do little more than ruin your day, the wrong car can induce feelings of regret and remorse for years.

Businesses also face these decisions, and success is predicated on the ability to evaluate and select options that afford the least amount of risk.  Particularly in today’s recovering economy, managers must weigh their options carefully and be wary of placing their company in the position of taking on great risk.

One decision that doesn’t require hours of critical thought is whether businesses should motivate and reward their employees, dealers and best customers.  Human capital is an invaluable asset for any business, and cultivating a culture of recognition, rewards, and gratitude is essential to ensure future revenue growth.

Once you understand this rationale, the question then becomes how do I accomplish this?  Gold stars were fun in grade school and pay bumps were always welcome in minimum-wage high school jobs, but seasoned professionals need a little more to feel appreciated and respected…

Go the extra mile by giving noncash incentives such as travel, debit cards, merchandise and promotional items.

There are many firms that offer these services, and selecting one purely based on the lowest price puts you at great risk of turning your positive idea into a negative experience.

When it comes time to make a decision about who to partner with to create your noncash incentive programs, banish the thought of putting your company at risk.  With JNR, we will put your mind at ease by eliminating this risk through the following:

  •  33 Years of Expertise – We don’t make mistakes.  Our programs are simply the best in the business.
  •  Price Guarantees – You know up front what everything will cost.  No hidden costs, no surprises.
  •  Client Satisfaction – Our client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the Fortune 500, and includes major automotive, construction, technology and healthcare firms.

Tough decisions loaded with risk keep our plates constantly full.  Now you can make an easy choice that won’t keep you up at night: keep your company’s revenues growing by utilizing custom, noncash incentive programs from JNR.

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Peace of Mind is a Great Incentive for Travel Planning


I’ll admit I’m a bit of a control freak, but it usually pays off. If I plan ahead, then I can let go and enjoy myself when it comes time to relax. You might say spontaneity is difficult for me, but if I’ve allowed for free time in my plan, I can be just as spontaneous as the next guy!

In my job at JNR Incorporated, I format our client proposals, laying out the details of the travel incentive programs, meetings and special events that we present to our clients. This has provided a wonderful opportunity for me to learn how to research and plan out my own travel experiences.

Since I introduced my husband to a travel program grid for a family trip we were planning to Maui about 8 years ago, we have never looked back. These grids are a detailed listing of what we have planned for each day. Some might think this sounds a bit too structured for a vacation, but once you lay out the day-by-day details, you can see if you’re over-scheduling yourself, if you’ve allowed time to relax in between full-day excursions. You don’t want to return from vacation in need of another vacation just to recover!

This day-by-day grid is also a great place to keep all of your reservation information, so you have it ready at a glance, just in case you can’t find your original reservation. Picture sitting at an airport in Hawaii on a hot and humid summer afternoon, with all of your luggage piled around you and a couple of antsy kids…You can’t find your rental car reservation information and you’re unable to remember the name of the company you booked with. You inquire at all of the rental car counters outside the airport and call all the major companies you can think of but are still unable to find your reservation. Not a great way to start a vacation. Live and learn. My husband will never live this moment down (as evidenced by this blog, where it can live on in infamy).

So, I recommend that you take the time to plan to relax. I’m sure you’ll find the time to be spontaneous!

Liz Hennessey-Brine
Senior Desktop Publisher , JNR Incorporated

Don’t Put Travel Incentive Programs On The Back Burner


I’m often asked for my recommendations as to what the ideal time to implement an incentive travel program would be.  In my opinion, there has never been a better time than now to take advantage of this powerful business tool.

I’ve never understood the reasoning that has led some organizations to put their sales incentive programs on hold when faced with a challenging economy.  Having worked in this industry for more than three decades, I believe that economic slumps are precisely the right times to implement well-crafted travel incentive programs.  When designed strategically and executed properly, incentive programs provide the extra push and motivation needed to bolster sales and renew enthusiasm among the key individuals who can make or break your company’s success.

Recently, as negotiators, we’ve seen increased flexibility, favorable pricing, and added-value propositions offered by hotel, resort and cruise suppliers, so there are some tempting opportunities to investigate. The economy is improving, and incentive programs will continue to play a key role in creating and sustaining employee engagement. Those who are acknowledged through reward and recognition programs will continue to reach for new levels of success. My advice is to create a competitive advantage over your competitors by implementing strategic incentive programs immediately. Resourceful organizations are taking advantage of this time and using sales incentives as key tools for success.  Seize the moment before you get left behind.

Jim Jalet
President and CEO, JNR Incorporated