Human Resources Spotlight: Employee Engagement

There is the smell of coffee in the air and the rustling of briefcases as you hear the familiar ding of the elevator being called to whisk everyone up to work. As you enter, there are shouts of different floors as people jostle to allow room, and when you ask for floor seven, there is a resounding understanding that you are from the ‘fun floor’.

The title of the ‘fun floor’ is aptly named as JNR is renowned for a high level of employee engagement, garnered through recognition rewards, office parties, birthday surprises and Fun Fridays just to name a few.

Here at JNR, there are small, but significant recognitions known as a ‘Caught in the Act’. These are given out when employees are seen going the extra mile without being asked or expected to do so. This effort can range anywhere from emptying a full dishwasher to helping lift a heavy item and taking it down to storage. No action is left unrecognized, and it is a reward that fosters a cohesive and team oriented work environment, which has always been one of the most coveted qualities to bolster employee engagement.

Being known as the ‘fun floor’ in Newport Gateway is due in large part to JNR celebrating holidays and hosting parties to rejuvenate the workforce. Whether it is putting on your spookiest costume for Halloween, decorating the office for the most wonderful time of the year at Christmas, or bringing the 80’s back for JNR’s anniversary, JNR never fails to ensure that everyone is involved in making the office a place that all employees feel welcome, comfortable, and happy to come to each day.

Last but not least, it is no surprise when someone has a birthday at JNR. As one rounds the corner on their special day, they are met with an office full of streamers, balloons and cupcakes as the birthday fairies strike again. While this is just a small gesture, it is one that has proven to make a huge impression as it shows each employee at JNR that they are valued.

Employee engagement is one aspect that cannot be overlooked in the workplace, as it is the element of corporate environments that keeps morale elevated while providing a feeling of worth for employees. Simply showing that a small act is appreciated or making someone’s birthday the most special day of the year goes a long way in raising employee engagement. This is a priceless concept that comes at a low cost to employers, but leaves an enormous impact on employees.

By JNR Incorporated

Written by Kristy Shaw and Andy Tallon


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