Incentive Travel May Be The Key To Engaged Employees

Employee engagement has become such a hot “buzz phrase” in recent years that much of the meaning has become lost in translation. However, it is widely understood that engaged employees are strong assets to any successful company. To illustrate this point, consider that “disengaged” employees cost the US economy over $300 billion annually. Incentive travel awards may be a major factor in inspiring employees to achieve continuing success and remain engaged.

Let’s take a moment to clarify why it is important to keep an employee engaged. An engaged employee does not necessarily equal an employee who is happy and content with their job. The term goes beyond these overly simplified definitions. Workers who have an emotional commitment and attachment to the goals of their organization are considered engaged employees. These employees go beyond the call of duty and essentially do whatever it takes to improve company performance. This dedication is why they are so valuable and profitable to their respective companies.

Reward and recognition programs, such as incentive travel, are excellent methods to inspire, reenergize, and motivate employees to achieve organizational performance goals. Incentive travel, which includes group travel, individual travel, and motivational events, is often believed to be the strongest motivator of performance due to the lasting memories and experiences it creates. The journeys these employees are taken on are often virtually impossible to replicate on their own.

Key Finding in Support of Incentive Travel:

  • 4:1 Return on Investment – when implemented effectively, travel incentives generally produce this remarkable ROI
  • 76% of executives and 80% of past incentive travelers believe incentive travel “significantly  impacts employee morale, job satisfaction, and performance”

Incentive travel can be instrumental in engaging your workforce and increasing the bottom line of your organization. Properly and efficiently implementing these programs is the difficult part. The planning, operations, logistics, and site management must be flawless in order to awe the participants. If you’re interested in implementing or revamping an incentive travel program, please visit our website at or send us an email at

Source: Incentive Travel Council study “Behavioral Economics of Incentive Travel”


The 10 US Cities with The Highest Levels of Employee Engagement

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

The value of employees who are considered “engaged” should not be understated. Employees who demonstrate high levels of engagement exert greater effort, stay with companies for longer tenures, and are stronger brand advocates than those who are not engaged.

As a result of these desirable attributes, companies with strong employee engagement levels are often more profitable, more innovative, more appealing to qualified candidates for open positions, and more responsive and resilient in the face of industry change. On the flip side, workplaces that demonstrate low levels of employee engagement, tend to be less productive, have higher employee turnover, and are distracted with inner conflict and turmoil.

 10 US Cities with the Highest Levels of Employee Engagement:

Realizing the value of engaged employees, Jaquelyn Smith of Forbes compiled this list in her editorial entitled The 10 Cities with the Best Employee Engagement.

1.Charlotte, North Carolina

2.Denver, Colorado

3.Sacramento, California

4.San Antonio, Texas

5.Washington, D.C.

6.Austin, Texas

7.Nashville, Tennessee

8.Baltimore, Maryland

9.Boston, Massachusetts

10.Miami-Dade, Florida

How the List Was Determined

To create this top 10 list, Quantum Workplace analyzed the vital components of employee engagement by breaking them down into 37 “standard items” that fell into 10 different categories including: perceptions of teamwork, manager effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, trust in co-workers, retention, alignment with goals, feeling valued, individual contribution, job satisfaction, and benefits. The nearly 400,000 employees who participated then rated every category on a scale from 1-6. Those who rated a category at a score 5 or 6 were considered engaged.

The Value of This Study For Your Company

Packing up shop and relocating your company to one of these cities will not improve your employee engagement levels…but understanding why these cities rank so highly on the list and applying this knowledge to your organization is the important takeaway.

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Source: The 10 Cities With The Best Employee Engagement Jaquelyn Smith,, April 18, 2013