Richard Branson Thinks Hospitality and Tourism Industry Can Tackle Global Water Crisis

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is significant to our interests here at JNR. It is the field where we join other companies to deliver our incentive travel programs, meetings and events. Branson believes in this industry, driving change in environmental, health and economic issues is also good for business.

The issue the Hospitality and Tourism Industry is being called to address: providing the world access to safe and clean water. Through this transformation, the industry stands to benefit across its triple bottom-line: people, planet, and profits.

A recent article published by Richard Branson describes the severity of the global water crisis.

“Every year, more people die from water-related diseases than killed from all forms of violence, including war.”

One billion people lack access to safe water. Last year, one billion people traveled. Why not leverage the power of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry to solve the world water crisis?

Branson, no stranger to humanitarian projects himself, has formed a partnership with his company Virgin and WHOLE WORLD Water, an organization that is attempting to unite with the Hospitality and Tourism Industry to create solutions that drive change on water issues.

The company has been helping hotels, resorts restaurants and hospitality groups filter and bottle their own water and then use a percentage of the proceeds to support local water projects. Approximately 200,000 plastic bottles will be saved annually by implementing this program on Necker Island (Branson maintains a home there) alone.

Branson feels the hospitality industry plays a major role in fixing this problem and that it could set an example for other industries to follow:

“It is estimated that with scale, the hospitality and tourism industry can contribute $1 billion per year or more to help eradicate this problem. United, the industry has the opportunity to set a precedence for other sectors to follow.”

JNR is dedicated to helping our clients implement CSR programs in conjunction with our travel programs and events to preserve and improve our planet and the lives of those who inhabit it. Please send us an email at today to discuss how you can create a change within your programs.

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Written by Kristopher Hewkin


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