Incentive Travel Spotlight: The Allure of a Pura Vida Incentive

What is it about the glamour that seems to be built into the words ‘Costa Rica’?  This country nestled at the base of Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, bordered by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, elicits feelings of mystery and exclusivity to most travellers on an Incentive Travel escape.  For the most part, these well-travelled individuals have explored the likes of Mexico, Hawaii and islands within the Caribbean, but making the journey just a bit further south is unchartered territory.  The draw of a Pura Vida lifestyle is instantly appealing and motivating making it a perfect destination choice for companies choosing an Incentive Travel location.

Aside from a year-round tropical climate, Costa Rica shares little else with her Central American neighbors.  One of the most stable and prosperous economies in Latin America makes for a very safe excursion.  This coupled with the reassurance of Resort brands like Four Seasons, Marriott and Westin, travellers are met with a sense of well-being and comfort that is not always guaranteed when traveling throughout the region.

What other mysteries does this country hold?  To start, 25% of the land is dedicated to conservation and protected National Parks.  Costa Rica is a land of extreme natural beauty.  With a priority placed on the commitment to preservation, visitors will forever be in awe of the lush green forests, pristine waterfalls and a plethora of unique animals like sloths, monkeys and over 50 species of hummingbirds.  Our travel programs always include local flowers in guest rooms, activities that bring our participants a first hand experience with Costa Rica’s natural surroundings and even fresh fish from the local waters caught and cooked in time for dinner.

When looking for things to do zip lining is synonymous with the Costa Rican landscape and a must do on all Incentive Travel programs.  The canopy of the jungle becomes your playground as you fly from platform to platform on tours ranging from 50 to 800 meters in length.  Tarzan swings, waterfall hikes and superman cables are just a few of the options you’ll be faced with as you take on this extraordinary adventure.  These aerial tours test your bravery as you soar through the skies getting a true birds eye perspective of this beautiful country.

One of greatest features of Costa Rica is its variety. With only a short amount of time spent driving across a country smaller than Lake Michigan visitors can experience volcanoes, rainforest, beaches, national parks, cloud forests and hot springs.  Over 800 miles of coastline give tourists plenty of beach space for a fun in the sun getaway and with water temperatures in the 80’s, there is no excuse for visitors not to dive in.  We tend to stay on the Caribbean side of the country but the beauty of this excursion is that you can see it all in a very short amount of time.

With Pura Vida at its core, it is no surprise that Costa Rica ranks at the top of the Happy Planet Index.  Taking into consideration factors such as life expectancy, overall well-being and a highly favorable ecological footprint score, Costa Rica has some of the happiest people on the planet.  The pride for the country is so evident that it can even be heard each morning at 7am when every radio station plays Noble patria, tu hermosa bandera (Noble homeland, your beautiful flag)- the national anthem for Ticos and Ticas to sing along with as they start their day.


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Written by Barbara Williamson


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