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The global advertising market is changing in dramatic ways, and media companies need to ensure that they are prepared to remain strong in the face of these developments. Adjustments to budget allocations for programs that incentivize advertisers and allow media companies to leverage incremental advertising spend may be necessary. Examining the overall market share of the seven segments and their growth trends is a good place to start the discussion.

Current Market Share

At the time of the latest Nielsen quarterly report on global advertising, the percentage spent on the seven advertising mediums was distributed as follows:


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Television remains the dominant channel at 57.6% market share with Newspapers in a distant second tallying 18.8%. The Magazine segment possesses a 9.9% share and is the only other subdivision to approach 10%. Internet Advertising comprises just 4.5% of the market, which is the lowest of the seven mediums outside of Outdoor and Cinema.

To base your information solely on the numbers above, it would appear that Internet Advertisers should be a low priority in terms of incentive plans and overall retention and growth efforts. This mindset may be appropriate in the short-term, but an extremely unwise decision that may have adverse consequences for the future as this segment continues to increase.

Market Growth by Segment

Overall global advertising revenues grew a steady 3.2% across all media segments to reach $243.5 billion total by the end of quarter three in 2013. The more interesting story however is told when you break down this growth percentage to isolate the change year-to-date by medium.



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Internet Advertising’s growth of 32.4% is more than six times that of the next fastest growing area: Outdoor Advertising’s 5.1% jump. Television Advertising grew 4.3% while all other mediums declined slightly.


One of the most powerful ways to ensure that your advertisers remain loyal to your company is to incentivize them. Incentives typically include rewarding with exquisitely-planned trips and unique experiences that the advertiser cannot duplicate on their own. Advertisers that feel their business is appreciated by your company and your team will stay longer and increase spending over time. These trips have a remarkable ability to connect the customer to the client due to the unforgettable shared experiences that occur when both parties are present on the trip.

While this may be old news to many media companies, there is a new take-away from the trends shared above. It may be time to increase the emphasis you place on incentivizing Internet Advertisers if your company is selling Internet ad space. Internet Advertising’s growth of 32.4% is a sign of things to come in the industry. It will be advantageous to keep existing customers happy as their spending is likely to increase if the overall market trends continue. New Internet Advertisers will be entering the market in droves and your existing customers can be your best asset to help grow that business as advocates and referrals.

Even if your Internet Advertising customers are relatively small sources of revenue, you can still encourage them to spend more and remain loyal with small-scale travel incentives. Travel incentives for advertisers can come in a range of budgets aligning with your company goals.

If you are interested in getting ahead of the curve and learning about how to appropriately incentivize your advertisers and profit from their loyalty, please send us an email at or give us a call at 949.476.2788. We have over 34 years of experience in this business and have the unique expertise to handle all aspects of incentive travel planning.

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