JNR Insights: Account Manager Spotlight – Laurel Axelrod

Laurel Axelrod PicLaurel joined JNR in 2010.  Her expertise and dedication were apparent immediately to us as well as our clients.

Her organizational skills and ability to manage multiple accounts and programs simultaneously are keys to JNR’s success.  We are in awe of Laurel’s great attitude day in and day out.




Years in the Meetings and Incentive Travel Industry: 20

Countries Visited: 25

Countries she has operated a program in: 8

Favorite Locations for Incentive Travel: South Africa

Favorite Story from a Program:

In 2015, I had a program in Prague and Vienna that turned out to be one of my favorites. One of the highlights was privately chartering the luxurious Majestic Imperator train from Prague to Vienna. Transportation is not always the most memorable part of an Incentive Travel Program but it was an experience that none of the attendees will ever forget. A few hours into the six hour journey, an impromptu Karaoke dance party broke out in one of the train cars. This was something I will never forget that, nor could I have planned for it to happen.

On the final night of the program, horse drawn carriages transported the guests to Hofburg Palace where trumpeters greeted each couple. It is not every day that you arrive in a horse drawn carriage, greeted by footmen in period costumes and are announced by trumpeters.


The JNR Difference:

I believe the JNR Difference is going above the client and participant’s expectation. Here are two examples that made a HUGE impact on both the attendee and the client contact:


In 2014, I operated a program in Florence, Italy. All of the guests were to arrive into the Florence airport, however if it gets too windy, flights are diverted to Pisa airport. I was notified that one couple was diverted so I immediately called his cell phone hoping he was receiving international calls. He picked up immediately, I introduced myself, explained that I can send a car to get him, but it would be about an hour wait. He replied “we literally just landed, taxing on the runway. I can’t believe how quickly you knew we were diverted and moved into action to take care of us.” He happily waited the hour and when he arrived at the hotel in Florence, he gave me the biggest hug, thanking me for taking care of him and his girlfriend. He passed along this story to the VP of Sales who also thanked me for going above and beyond taking care of their attendees.



In 2001, I operated my first program at JNR as an Account Manager – a family program on a Disney Cruise out of Florida. All of the guests arrived the day prior to the cruise to enjoy an evening in Orlando. Around 6:00 PM Eastern on a Saturday, the West Coast Regional Director came to me in a panic. His wife had left their passports at home. He knew without the passports, they could not go on the cruise with their 2 year old son. Immediately I kicked into action, calling a courier service in his town to have them meet his mother-in-law who had a key to their house and could get the passports. The courier then took the passports to LAX and put them on a red-eye flight to Orlando. I had a car service take the Regional Director to the airport at 6:00 AM Sunday morning to greet the flight and get his passports. The plan worked and they were able to go on the cruise!


Why do you love the Incentive Travel Industry?

I love that no program is the same. I love the challenges presented by destinations I have not operated before, it keeps me on my toes, forces me to keep on learning. I love discovering the world and this is the best job to do just that.


Her Bucket List:

  • Zip lining in Costa Rica – which I will do this November
  • A Baltic Cruise – I want to see St. Petersburg
  • Australia – I want to walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge


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