Create Positive Feelings To Motivate Your Employees


As an English teacher desperately struggling to get the attention of 4- and 5-year-old Japanese students, I quickly learned that I had to offer something–anything–to capture their attention. For young students, the incentive could be as simple as stickers or a favorite game, depending on the day. When my students were motivated and participating in the lesson, they learned more and helped each other succeed. Not only were the lessons more productive, they were engaging and fun.

No matter what the short or long-term performance goal is, the ability to encourage people to commit to a more dedicated level of participation can be a very powerful tool. Using customized incentive and recognition programs can help inspire participation and increase overall productivity. Successful companies understand that it is also important for incentive and recognition programs to integrate their company’s philosophy with a “feel-good” factor.

According to a study conducted by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, an individual’s level of commitment is largely influenced by his or her sense of purpose, feeling of personal impact and feelings about the organization.

Recognizing participation validates an employee’s role within an organization while acknowledging his or her personal impact. Recognition can be via something as simple as a personal note of appreciation or token gift to a merchandise, travel or gift card reward.

An effective incentive or recognition program can also generate these good feelings for the company and the benefits that come from the participant’s good feelings can far outweigh the investment required to operate the program. To create and sustain greater performance within your organization, contact JNR Incorporated for a complimentary consultation.

Kristin Kosearas
Account Manager, Debit Card Division, JNR Incorporated.

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