Balance of Generation Integration

Anyone, at any age, can have innovative ideas and offer creative solutions, and it is important to remember that no one generation is needed more or is better than any other.  Sharing and exchanging knowledge, experiences and perspectives leads to the initiation of new ideas, unites the workforce and develops a positive culture.

Every generation has created commotion as it has entered into the adult workplace. And, every generation says the same things about other generations — “They don’t get it” or “They have it so much easier than we did.” Each generation has been influenced by the historical events, social trends and cultural phenomena of their time, which leads to different expectations, perceptions, and actions. Discussing these differences can lead to a respect for generational diversity and create communication channels allowing people to express themselves and accept each other for who they are and what they bring to the table.

It is essential to have a balanced workforce. As new technology and new customer preferences emerge, it is important to include younger generations in the innovation process, but not exclude the more seasoned professionals.

Good business is based on understanding others. The younger generations bring vitality, technical abilities and innovation while the more mature generations bring knowledge of management practices and efficiencies, life experience and an understanding of customer service.

Intergenerational integration leads to company-wide involvement, equal engagement, improvement of internal relationships, and a better culture. By combining the wisdom of the past, and creative innovation of the present, we will nurture the spirit of engagement and enterprise that is necessary to achieve success in the future.

Human. Performance.™ In the workplace, most all individuals and groups strive to do their best and aspire to achieve success. Through maximizing intergenerational integration, creativity and innovation will flourish, respect will grow, productivity will increase, satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment will improve morale, which leads to better retention, and the end result will be profit, recognition and rewards for everyone involved.

LuAnn Jalet,
COO at JNR Incorporated.

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